Marriage is a big step on a lifelong journey that offers joy and challenges in equal measure. For this reason many people still choose to be married in the traditional way, in church with the blessing of God, family and friends. Brides and grooms have been coming to St Michael’s to be married for over 760 years. Your own family may have been part of that tradition for generations, or your connection with St Michael’s may be a more recent one. We welcome your interest and answer some of the frequently asked questions below.

Do I need to attend church regularly? You need not be members of St Michael’s to be married here. We do, of course, invite you warmly to view St Michael’s as your church home, and you will be offered the opportunity to attend enquirers’ classes. We encourage you to view St Michael’s as your church and hope that you will worship with us as often as you can.

What will the minister ask me when I see him? Why marriage? Why a church wedding? What led you to St Michael’s? The wedding at St Michael’s is a very traditional Christian service; how do you feel about this? Are you able to participate in the wedding preparation classes?

Can I have my own music? You may choose music and discuss it with your organist. He will then advise you if it is suitable or otherwise in order to make sure your wedding is a success.

How do I make the booking? Please phone the church office to make an appointment to meet the minister. You will be given an application form to take away and complete. You should return it to the church office as soon as possible. Currently, no deposit is required. A letter of confirmation will be sent to you.

How much does it cost? There is no fee for the services of a minister to officiate at a wedding. However, for the services of organist, church officer and permission to take photographs plus a donation to the running costs of the church, Kirk Session charge the following fee at present:

FOR NON-MEMBERS: £620 FOR MEMBERS: £410 Payment is required at least six to eight weeks before the date of the wedding. A booklet with these and other details is provided to all prospective brides and grooms. You can request this booklet or check about the availablity of St Michael’s by contacting the Church Office.