Wednesday Prayers

A prayer meeting is held here at 12.30pm each Wednesday. Communion is celebrated on the first Wednesday of each month. Please come and join your prayers with the prayers of people all over the world.

Queen's Aisle Prayer Chapel

It has long been a tradition in the church to set a side a place to use for quiet prayer and meditation. The Queen’s Aisle is a quiet space where people may come to reflect and pray for peace for themselves, for their friends and family and for the world situation. Equally, it has been a tradition in the church to look for symbolic means of expression when our words and even our emotions are exhausted. One of the most commonly used symbols is candles. Used like this candles, symbolise two things. First, they symbolise our prayers. Second, they are a symbol of our faith in Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, the life and light of the world. So we leave candles lit on the communion table while the church is open. Feel free to take a light from our candles and light a candle of your own or, if you don’t want to light a candle, just use the space. There is a box in the Queen’s Aisle in which to put your requests for prayer.